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Sedation throughout the nation

Intoxication of a generation

5 October
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I'm a self-loathing narcissist.
I'm a lazy over-achiever.
I'm a bit autistic... according to my husband.
I'm an avid exaggerator and habitual procrastinator.


Two half faces making a whole face.
The origin of love.
200 cigarettes, 77, 9mm, alternative tentacles records, anti-tragus piercings, bad religion, bass solos, bat tattoos, being cute, being mexican, being pierced, billy idol, blondie, blue eyelashes, blue hair, body modification, brody dalle, cheeky little fucks, clouds, coloring my hair, corset piercings, courtney love, danny elfman, devo, dexter, dreamy sex bombs, dropkick murphys, eddie izzard, elvis costello, endless summer nights, exene cervenka, generation x, girl music, goldfinger, hair dye, halloween, heartbeats, hellcat records, hole, horrorpops, iggy and the stooges, jeff lindsay, jello biafra, jimmy cliff, joe strummer, john cleese, jones soda, kevin smith, kill bill, lower class brats, lust for life, madisons, melissa auf der maur, michale graves, mick jones, mojo nixon, moshing, mustard plug, my brother and sister., my dads record collection, my pets, neil gaiman, nekromantix, nomeansno, offspring, oingo boingo, one step beyond, operation ivy, orbitals, pennywise, piercings, powerman 5000, punk, quinceneras, rancid, rats, red carpet and rebellion, red hair, red mascara, reservoir dogs, rocking out, rooks, sage francis, salvador dali, samus aran, scary movies, septum piercings, shirley manson, six feet under, slipknot, some like it hot, squeeze, stars, steel pulse, sugar coma, sunsets, swallow life, swallow your fucking pride, talking heads, tattoos, the blackest years, the clash, the cramps, the cure, the dead kennedys, the distillers, the hives, the jam, the misfits, the queers, the specials, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, tiger army, tongue piercings, true romance, violent femmes, x, young crazed peeling